April 24 – Where’s Gold Going?

Yesterday’s Highlights: 1.)    Another wave of positive corporate earnings surprises boosted investor confidence and lifted the S&P back to its September 2018 all time high at around $2930. This non-stop bullish momentum has been powered by a continuous stream of positive macro economic news coming out of US and China, as well as a more accommodative … Continue reading April 24 – Where’s Gold Going?

April 16 – Gold Support Broken

Good Morning everyone, sorry for the missed update yesterday. As predicted, Gold prices broke through the support region around $1281, the heavy selling momentum was caused by positive corporate earnings surprises as well as a positive outlook from the Fed. Both pieces of news point towards a healthy US economy, therefore easing investor fears and … Continue reading April 16 – Gold Support Broken

Week of April 15 – Gold Sell Off Incoming?

*Relevant charts are at the bottom of this post* Stay tuned for daily updates this week, in which I detail my trades and the reasons behind every move. Welcome back everyone, I hope you’re just as excited as me to tackle this week’s headlines! We have a short week of trading but some important news … Continue reading Week of April 15 – Gold Sell Off Incoming?

April 12 – Don’t Worry, Be Patient

Trade Update #2Added 30% of full position to $DUST, avg cost price is now $18.1. Trade Update:GDX looks to be forming a temporary bottom and bouncing back a little today, be on the lookout to add your first wave of positions at $18.25 and below on $DUST. Yesterday’s Trading Gold and gold miners sold off … Continue reading April 12 – Don’t Worry, Be Patient

April 11 – Earnings, Earnings, Earnings!

Today’s daily update will be longer than usual since there’s a lot of new information to cover. Some information concerns the news released yesterday. Will also be posting a weekly update later this weekend which will include a lot more charts that show the analysis for Gold, USD, and 10 yr yields. Stay tuned for … Continue reading April 11 – Earnings, Earnings, Earnings!

April 10 – Inflation Finally Picking Up?

Stop Loss reached at $20.6 and sold the rest of my position at $20.6 for a gain of +6.45%. As predicted, Gold and Gold miners sank after the Fed minutes revealed possible increases in rates once again, if they see the economy and inflation start to pick up again. Today’s Headlines: Inflation numbers came out … Continue reading April 10 – Inflation Finally Picking Up?

April 09 – Assess Your Position Size

TRADE UPDATE: Trimmed down 50% of my $NUGT position at $20.7 just now, for a return of +6.97%. Leaving the other 50% position in order to gain exposure for tomorrow. Stop-losses should be set relatively tight tomorrow, as volatility is bound to pick up and all the gains made so far could be wiped out … Continue reading April 09 – Assess Your Position Size