July 16, 2019 – Has Gold Peaked?

Welcome back guys! Sorry for the inactivity over the last few months, personal life has been quite busy. I should be posting regularly from now on so stay tuned! Gold has gone into a consolidation period after making its massive run up, we should expect to see it trading within the symmetrical triangle for the … Continue reading July 16, 2019 – Has Gold Peaked?

April 24 – Where’s Gold Going?

Yesterday’s Highlights: 1.)    Another wave of positive corporate earnings surprises boosted investor confidence and lifted the S&P back to its September 2018 all time high at around $2930. This non-stop bullish momentum has been powered by a continuous stream of positive macro economic news coming out of US and China, as well as a more accommodative … Continue reading April 24 – Where’s Gold Going?

April 18 – More Room To Sell

Gold miners are selling off after positive US economic data came out this morning. Added more to my $DUST position during the morning bounce off the first support, look to keep riding the trend down towards second support. Will be on the look out for potentially negative macro news that could lift Gold prices, which … Continue reading April 18 – More Room To Sell

April 16 – Gold Support Broken

Good Morning everyone, sorry for the missed update yesterday. As predicted, Gold prices broke through the support region around $1281, the heavy selling momentum was caused by positive corporate earnings surprises as well as a positive outlook from the Fed. Both pieces of news point towards a healthy US economy, therefore easing investor fears and … Continue reading April 16 – Gold Support Broken

April 12 – Don’t Worry, Be Patient

Trade Update #2Added 30% of full position to $DUST, avg cost price is now $18.1. Trade Update:GDX looks to be forming a temporary bottom and bouncing back a little today, be on the lookout to add your first wave of positions at $18.25 and below on $DUST. Yesterday’s Trading Gold and gold miners sold off … Continue reading April 12 – Don’t Worry, Be Patient

April 11 – Earnings, Earnings, Earnings!

Today’s daily update will be longer than usual since there’s a lot of new information to cover. Some information concerns the news released yesterday. Will also be posting a weekly update later this weekend which will include a lot more charts that show the analysis for Gold, USD, and 10 yr yields. Stay tuned for … Continue reading April 11 – Earnings, Earnings, Earnings!

April 10 – Inflation Finally Picking Up?

Stop Loss reached at $20.6 and sold the rest of my position at $20.6 for a gain of +6.45%. As predicted, Gold and Gold miners sank after the Fed minutes revealed possible increases in rates once again, if they see the economy and inflation start to pick up again. Today’s Headlines: Inflation numbers came out … Continue reading April 10 – Inflation Finally Picking Up?

April 09 – Assess Your Position Size

TRADE UPDATE: Trimmed down 50% of my $NUGT position at $20.7 just now, for a return of +6.97%. Leaving the other 50% position in order to gain exposure for tomorrow. Stop-losses should be set relatively tight tomorrow, as volatility is bound to pick up and all the gains made so far could be wiped out … Continue reading April 09 – Assess Your Position Size